Velour Fabric Repair Kit​

Everything you need to make high quality repairs to Automotive fabrics Such as Fabric seats, door trims, floors and roof LINERS.​

Our Velour Fabric Repair Kit is a professional fabric repair system designed for mobile motor trimmers who want a complete system for making consistent professional repairs to automotive fabrics.

Without needing to worry about reupholstering. Just do your repairs on site.

Available Velour Fabric Repair Kits

Our Automotive Velour Repair Kit comes in two sizes.

The larger kit comes with a bigger range of velour fibers which makes mixing and matching your colours easier. It also comes with larger velour fiber jars which means more raw materials for doing more jobs.

Small Velour Repair Kit
Large Velour Repair Kit

Velour Fabric Repair Accessories

Velour Mixing Containers


Velour Applicator Brush


Velour Container

Velour Base Adhesive

Touch-Up Brush

Velour Fast Dry Adhesive

Dacron Filling

Code: DF



Spray Adhesive 3M & Surface Fixative

Sold separately
Fixative Code: SFIX
Spay Adhesive 3M Code: SA3M

Velour Fiber

Comes in either small or large containers.
Code: Small – VEL2* (then add the colour number)
Large – VEL* (then add the colour number

Flock-It Atomiser and Puffer

Sold separately.
Flock-it Atomiser Code: VELAT
Mixing Puffer Code: VELMP

Hitachi Mini Grinder and Sander Kit

Comes with the following accessories:

  • 2 batteries
  • Grinders/sanders
  • Charger
  • Sanding shaft
  • fine,medium and corse sanding discs
  • Carry Case

*accessories in this picture may not reflect the actual contents of the kit we supply at Trimfix Supplies