Trimfix Supplies manufactures all of the most popular car heel mats

All of our mats come in black and charcoal as well as some other assorted colors.
For more information please contact our office.

Commodore Mats

400mm x 375mm
Code: HM100D

EF Mats

360mm x 380mm
Code: HM500D

Super Size Mat

390mm x 425mm
Code: HM800D

Falcon Mats

340mm x 410mm
Code: HM200D

Standards Mats

348mm x 240mm
Code: HM600D

AU Heel Mat

318mm x 425mm
Code: HM900

Camry Mats

385mm x 285mm
Code: HM300D

Standard Ribbed Mats

348mm x 240mm
Code: HM600K

VE Mats - Black or Charcoal

305mm x 425mm
Code: HM1100

GT Mats

350mm x 400mm
Code: HM400D

VT Mats

295mm x 400mm
Code: HM700

VB Mats

385mm x 390mm
Code: HM1200D

How to apply new heel mat